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We at Alcyone have in-depth knowledge and knowledge and experience of working in Education industry from working with education institutes as well as publishers. We can develop e-learning systems and other software solutions for multiple advantages to our clients including simplified and paper less administration online education, better student assessment facility, parents' collaboration and more.

If you are student, we can develop subject oriented software solutions that will encourage you to learn with fun and increase your interest and curiosity in the subject.

Privacy 90%
Cost of Education 80%
Adaptation of new technology 90%

Industry Challenges

It is a fact that, education industry is going with the help of drastic changes for last few years, due to factors like student mobility, government regulations emerging technology innovations and others. The increasing popularity of mobile devices, easy internet access, and social networking has provided a enormous opportunity to the education industry for easier content delivery. Institutes have realized the importance of creating paperless, technology-oriented classrooms and learning management software.

Current Trends

Collaborative learning is a system in which two or more people cooperate in a learning knowledge and experience to share and contribute to each member's understanding of a topic and to complete a given task.

As this is highly valued by our school system, now, with collaborative learning, it can be a part of the curriculum.

For teachers who are trying to teach with the help of cooperative learning from the teacher's resources or less on plans, he or she might face problems of discipline or noisy as after all it's just a class full of students.

Hence, there are some cooperative learning instruction strategies, which can be followed for effective teaching.

Students acquire knowledge differently from one another. This process of learning is dependent on the formed pattern of reception, sensation, perception and retention which is unique to every individual.

Some students may find it easier to understand processes when demonstrated, while others may already get it once verbally presented.

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