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Energy and Utilities service industry is highly crucial industry that is encountering many business and operational complexities. Most of the businesses across the world are facing difficult times due to the rise in commodity prices, intense competition for the reserves, uneven demand, increasing consumer and regulatory demands, and majorly the need for new technology.

To help overcome the challenges, we at Alcyone help organizations tackle new challenges, optimize processes, and reduce costs, with our services like custom software development, big data and analytics, cloud services, enterprise mobility and more.

Privacy 90%
Cost of Energy and Utilities 70%
Adaptation of new technology 90%

Industry Challenges

With our years of knowledge and experience in software development and domain expertise, we have delivered customized software solutions for our clients in energy and utilities industry, which helped with many business advantages like high fault tolerance, low downtime and lesser human interruption and dependencies. These energy management software solutions also offered ecological advantages like lesser energy consumption and reduction in CO2 emissions.

Current Trends

While clients-interface technologies may be the most visible aspect of technological enhancement of the utility business, they are far from the only aspect.

The technology landscape for utilities, from generation right with the help of to the clients, has probably never been richer.

A third area of substantial ongoing change that we should watch is in business models and market structures.

Following our first two trends, the intersection of customer empowerment and enrichment of technological choice is opening the way for new business models for incumbent utilities, nontraditional players can enter the market.

By definition, the future is uncertain, so we know there will be surprises along the way. The electric power business has proved increasingly resilient to some types of surprises, like hurricanes or snowstorms.

Other types of surprises, from technology and new competition to c 3lient’s expectations, may require more deep-seated cultural change.

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